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“As long as I live, so long do I learn.”

– Sri Ramakrishna

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Dear Principal / HM/ Teacher,

RKMSC has several –

  • Science models as Exhibits and
  • Activities that demonstrate Science Concepts

We would be happy to receive your School teachers & students

at our Centre for a first hand experience.

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All of us know that we need a pump to take water from a lower level to a higher level. Most of these pumps use electricity. In many places, there is no electricity, or there is a very unreliable power supply. Water has to be drawn from wells or ponds. Even in towns,...

National Science Day

National Science Day Celebrated in our school :  Class 6,7 and 8. Speech about – Life of C.V.Raman and his contribution to scientific Inventions and Discoveries. Interaction among the students about science in every day life.                                          ...

The Science in games!!!!

                                                                                                          Story by Ms. Rani Subramaniam “Paati I am getting bored”, said Ram. “I am also getting so bored”, said Shyam, his brother, who generally never agreed on what Ram...


Bharat and Veda were two children aged seven and four respectively.They lived with their parents and grandparents in a small house inChennai. The two children were having holidays and always wanted todo something or the other.It was a rather hot day, and it was too...

Land and Sea Breeze

                                       Story by Ms. Rani Subramaniam Ram and Sarala visited their paternal grandparents one weekend. They called their grandfather, thatha, and grandmother, paati. Thatha and paati lived close to the beach. Before Ram and Sarala went to...


           Story by Ms. Rani Subramaniam It was a hot summer day. Ram and Shyam were rather thirsty. “Amma is there some cold water? “, they asked their mother. “Sorry, just drink some water that is at room temperature “, mother said. Mother believed that drinking...


Saliva and Taste.

Radha and Geeta were having lunch in the school canteen one day.

Radha had brought rotis and spicy subji while Geeta had brought vegetable mixed rice and they shared the food with each other. The aroma of the mixed rice was so good that Radha started enjoying the meal, but Geeta could not relish the same. They started discussing about it

Radha: “What happened to you, Geeta? Why aren’t you eating properly?”

Geeta: ” I don’t know why I don’t have the urge to eat”

Radha: ” The aroma and taste of the food is very amazing;mouth-watering and your mom has taken the effort to get it ready for you. Please let us not waste it”.

Geeta: My mouth is dry and feels no taste”

The teacher who was passing by, heard the conversation and stopped to talk to the girls.

Teacher:” Geeta, did you have cold, influenza or any viral infection recently”?

Geeta: ” Yes Ma’am, I had cough last week. I consulted a doctor, took medicine and am better now. “

Teacher:” This is the reason for your dry mouth which is the side effect of the medicine that you have taken. The salivary gland is not producing adequate saliva and hence the mouth is dry”

Radha: Is this the reason for Geeta not being able to feel the taste of the food?”

Teacher: ” Yes, I can explain. Take a towel and pat your tongue dry with it. Place some veggies and some mixed rice one after another and check the taste. What do you taste?”

Both girls nodded their heads left and right and said in the same voice” no taste at all”

Teacher: “Drink some water now and then taste the food”

Now Radha jumped in glee shouting, “the rice is yummy, the vegetable is awesome, spicy and aromatic”

Geeta:” But I am not able to enjoy as much as Radha. why Ma’am?

Teacher: That is because our food has certain chemicals responsible for the taste which gets dissolved in the saliva. This is then deducted by the receptor in taste buds. When medicines are taken, they cause drying up of saliva in the mouth. As saliva has got dehydrated there is no solvent for the taste stimuli and hence, we do not identify the tastes.

Geeta: “Will I be able to get back to normalcy and how long would it take?”

Teacher: This will happen very soon and Geeta will be fine early.

The girls were happy, thanked the teacher for the explanation and got ready to move to the classroom.


RKMSC has created a self-learning atmosphere for visiting students from classes VI to XII. Dedicated faculty members facilitate and guide the students through demos, activity based learning sessions and video shows on science and technology

RKMSC houses over 200 exhibits covering Maths, Chemistry, Biology and various topics in Physics (Mechanics, Astronomy, Optics, Heat, Sound, Electricity, Magnetism etc) spread across in 4 spacious rooms.

The centre is situated in the premises of Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary school (South). It is administered by the Principal of the school.

Guidelines for scheduling visits

 RKMSC is open Monday thru’ Saturday
Visiting time: 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Parking facility available for school buses.

Recommendations for visiting schools

•  Advance registration is a must

•  Student Batch size: 20 max

•  Escorting teachers: 1 to 3

•  Social distancing guidelines to be followed 

•  Students may bring along lunch box/ drinking water

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