VYE contest – Feb 2021


With the grand success of Swami Vivekananda Young Scientist competition held online in Nov-Dec 2020 behind it, OpenLinks foundation (tickLinks) in partnership with Ramakrishna Mission Science Centre, T.Nagar, Chennai  and DAV schools, Chennai  organized another online competition in Jan-Feb 2021 successfully. 
Bharti foundation and Firki – Teach for India also partnered in the contest.
Unlike last time when the participation was limited to a couple of hundreds of students, this time the contest had an All India flavour and had a much larger student participation. Over 500 schools participated, over 20000 registrations were received and actual number of submission of projects exceeded 8600.
In order to catch them young, the contest had 3 age groups i.e. class 1 to 3, class 4 to 6 and class 7 to 9. In order to promote communication abilities of students, the subjects included English apart from Maths and Science.
The contest came to a closure on 5th March 2021 with the award giving ceremony that was conducted online with Shri Anurag Tripathi, Secretary, CBSE as Chief Guest and Ms. Mamta Saikia, CEO, Bharti Foundation and Ms. Malliga Sridhar, Dean – Academic Partnerships, DAV, Chennai as special guests.
On this occasion, a few of the teachers with sterling performance in the online educational program for the last 9 months were also honoured. 
For the RKM Ashrama schools, this time participation had  included students from Nursery & Primary school too.
Total Project submissions – 477 (All the 4 schools)
Excellence awards – 7 (Main school – 2, Matric school – 2 and Nursery & Primary school – 3)
Appreciation awards – 95
Participation awards – 303 

                                                            Excellence award winner

                                                                                                       NAME               :   A.R.Thirukumaran

                                                                                                       SUBJECT          :   SCIENCE

                                                                                                      TOPIC              :   AIR PRESSURE

                                                                                                      CLASS              :    7-9

                                                                                                      SCHOOL        :  RKM Matric School

                                                             2.  NAME    :    S.Padmavasan

                                                                  CLASS     : 1-3

                                                                  SUBJECT   :  Maths

                                                                 SCHOOL     :   RKM Nursery & Primary School

                                                                3.    NAME : NMJ  Krish

                                                                       CLASS : 4-6 

                                                                       SUBJECT : English

                                                                        SCHOOL : RKM Nursery & Primary School

                                                                   4. NAME :   Avinash

                                                                        CLASS  : 4-6

                                                                        SUBJECT : Science

                                                                        SCHOOL : RKM Main School 

Vivekananda Young Scientist Contest

This online contest was held in Nov 2020.

A total of 105 students had initially registered from all 3 RKM schools (48 from Matric, 32 from Main and 25 from South). Each student participant was supported by a mentor teacher from the respective school.

Thanks to the efforts of our teachers, 97 students had submitted entries as videos and images of activities, demos, charts, art work, poems, songs et al pertaining to the themes given. The entries were rated by 2 independent neutral evaluators separately and also by teachers and student participants themselves. Based on the ratings, we have identified 4 outstanding projects and 12 popular choice projects.

Outstanding projects will get Commendation certificates. Popular choice projects will get Appreciation certificates. All other qualified student participants will get Participation certificates.

A total of 85 certificates were distributed – 45 for class 4-6 group and 40 for class 7-9 group.
Certificate templates were printed & handed over to the respective schools in Dec 2020 for distribution to winning students.

                                                                                   Class 7-9 (Maths and Science Projects)

                                                                                   Theme for Maths: Area of regular and irregular shapes

                                                                                   Theme for Science: Fibre to Fabric

STUDENT School Project Certificate type
Adithyan J RKM (Main) Cloth printing Commendation
Durai Murugan G RKM (Main) Reuse of scrap clothes Commendation
Sanjay Siddarth R RKM (Main) Printing on T Shirt Appreciation
Bhuvaneswaran J RKM (Main) Song on Mathematical Formulae Appreciation
Nithyananda H RKM (South) Fabric printing Appreciation
Pramodh Kumar RKM (Matric) Fibre to Fabric process Appreciation
Srimann R RKM (Main) Area of a leaf Appreciation


                                                                                          Class 4-6 (Maths and Science Projects

                                                                                           Theme for Maths: Patterns in Numbers

                                                                                           Theme for Science: Plant parts

STUDENT School Project Certificate type
Gokul RKM (South) Peculiarity of odd nos Commendation
Rithish R RKM (Main) Experiment on Seed germination Commendation
Naveenkumar E RKM (Matric) Leaf Art Appreciation
Kamal Nath Singh D RKM (Matric) Addition Machine Appreciation
Karthikeyan G RKM (Matric) Addition Wheel Appreciation
Rizwaanudeen RKM (Matric) Multiplication Machine Appreciation
Vigneshwaran S RKM (Matric) Addition machine Appreciation
Hariharan K RKM (Main) Dicot Seed Art Appreciation
Shanthanu Kannan RKM (South) Fruit carving Appreciation

                                                                                                NAME    : Adithyan J   

                                                                                               CLASS    : 7-9    

                                                                                               TOPIC    : Cloth printing     

                                                                                              SCHOOL : RKM Main 



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